I’ll be Back! Relaunch Your Business, Terminator Style

Terminator: Genisys reignites the Terminator’s (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) famous tagline and reenergizes the film series. The movie sequel, along with the Avengers, Mission Impossible, and Jurassic films point to a common theme – retro, prequels, and sequels are all the rage. What once was old is new and what once was new is old, but in a cool, touch-back to the 90’s kind of way.

Many brands can use retro ideas to relaunch their own “Terminator” cycle. Make old new again with these three tips:

1)  Vault Back-and-Forth. Determine what worked before and see if it makes sense to suit up again. Can the idea be retrofitted, reformatted, or revamped? Starting from scratch takes time and may not be the best option. As past Terminator movie-goers, we’re programmed to believe that Sarah Connor must live. Will Terminator: Genisys stick to this central theme or change the paradigm completely? While we toy with the idea, the movie vaults back to a familiar time period: pre-internet, pre-smartphone, and overall, pre-technology. How, in this time period, will our heroine and Terminator survive to live in another sequel? They stick with what they know – allowing, of course, for necessary sub-plot changes and a crafty redressing of who we think the Terminator is. In marketing, the same holds true. Take past sales campaigns, promotions, and partnerships and corral them into programs that are new again.

2)  Old is not necessarily obsolete. The Terminator of 1984 is not as we remember him. His random techno-talk and outer flesh-like layer show signs of aging and are in stark contrast to his younger selfie version. TERMINATOR-GENISYS-7

Yet, the older Terminator, also known as “Pops” now displays finesse, confidence, and a sense of humor – he has adapted to new technology, perfected his skills and enhanced his internal communication chip. Rather, in Genisys, we see that Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) is the one who struggles with old vs. new, future vs. past, and tested vs. new relationships.

Old-time brands, likewise, are not obsolete. Continuous adaptation, a passion for reinvention, and a focus on nurturing long-term relationships are key attributes that will help thwart the competition. From an idea to patented technologies, Zircon anticipates ways to make DIYers work and lives easier, simpler, and more rewarding. Innovation began with the Original StudSensorTM and continues today with an ever-expanding sensor and scanner line. original-ss

3)  Determine parallel paths. Businesses can benefit from the ‘what if’ scenarios if they commit to making a decision, sometimes with limited information. To challenge the machines, Kyle Reese jumps back to 1984; this action changes the trajectory of not only his own path, but Sarah Connor’s as well. Brands, too, can propel their competitive position by brainstorming options, exploring parallel paths, and assessing risks. As with the Terminator, when the “end game” is at stake, brands need to act quickly and decisively.

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