It’s Showtime!

Picnic with dogSummer is here!  Backyard barbecues, picnics by the lake, and outdoor concerts fill those warm, sunny days. But even with these simple outings, before the festivities begin, logistics must be in order; from purchasing supplies, to producing a guest list, to selecting the venue. Similarly, boardrooms across America are armed with logistical planning for their major year end event – the holiday shopping season.

Prep time sets the stage for success days, weeks, months and sometimes even years down the line. To successfully promote a holiday campaign or launch a new product into the marketplace, extensive details cannot be left to chance – everything needs to be intricately placed together like pieces of a Jenga puzzle that must fit just right and with the right touch. A well-thought out action plan practically leaps off the manufacturing floor into shipping and into the retailer’s footprint. Put a marketing deliverable into the schedule at the wrong time and an entire chain reaction takes place with far reaching consequences, including increased costs and missed due dates.

At Zircon, a new product launch is our “showtime”!  It’s the apex, a culmination of tightly scheduled jobs and projects with highly skilled engineers, product specialists, marketers, customer advocates, and design experts.  So, while they’re underway executing in-store details for the holidays 6 months away, Zircon still continuously researches and develops new products to raise its innovative standards and provide cutting-edge high quality tools for DIYers and professionals alike.

It is the never ending quest for fresh new ideas against a backdrop of deadline dates that fuels marketers, and Zircon, to continue to push boundaries, create new efficiencies, and deliver innovative products year after year.

Sharpen your tools with Sharon as she shares her key insights of the tool world and her impactful marketing strategies and tactics. Sharon imageFor more info, follow us on Facebook or tweet us @zircontools.


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